Primary Care

Using the Textbook Dataset, you will analyze the data to see how income, the number of active primary care physicians and crime vary by region of the state. Here is the information about the variables you will use:

  • Income: there are 2 income variables: C40 Mean Household Income, C41 Median Household Income
  • Number of Active Primary Care Physicians: located in C10
  • Crime: there are 3 crime variables: C22 Violent Crime, C23 Criminal Cases Superior Court, C24 Crime Index
  • Region of the state: located in C37

You should read the description of each variable so you understand what data are being summarized (look in Course Resources for the County Data Set Definitions File). You will select one income variable and one crime variable, along with active primary care physicians to include in your report. You will investigate each variable by the region of the state (3 regions).

Your report must include:

1. Report your results for each variable by region in a table. See Table 2.1 and Table 2.2 for examples of ways to show results in a table.

2. Write a paragraph describing the results for each variable by region.

3. What other information would be helpful in understanding the results in your table? You can discuss another variable in the dataset or additional variables not included in the dataset. Why do you think these other variables would be helpful?



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