Pricing Strategy

You are employed at a top-end marketing firm. Choose a project from the list of brands below to
complete your assignment.
1. Vodacom;
2. Standard bank;
3. Woolworths;
4. MultiChoice;
5. Shoprite;
6. Clicks;
7. Makro;
8. Rainbow;
9. SAA;
10. Foschini;
11. Growthpoint properties;
12. Old Mutual;
13. Mondi;
14. Sunday Times;
15. Spur.

Question 1  (Marks: 20)
Discuss inbound marketing as well as the following three key components of inbound marketing:

  •  Quality content;
  •  SEO;
  •  The use of social media.
  • Has your chosen brand used inbound marketing? If so, discuss the inbound marketing components used.
    If your chosen brand has not used any of these components, recommend how the brand could make use of inbound marketing and its three key components.

Question 2  (Marks: 20)
Investigate your chosen brand and their website and analyse whether it takes full advantage of a website as a marketing and advertising tool.
Discuss the following:

  •  Does it function as an essential marketing and advertising tool?
  •  Your brand’s use of online advertising.
  •  What could be improved? Do you believe your company could use the online environment better to market and advertise their products or brand?

Question 3  (Marks: 10)
Explain in detail how you would increase the website stickiness of your chosen brand.
Question 4  (Marks: 15)
Taking your chosen brand into account, discuss the following:

  •  Substitute and complementary products;
  •  How do substitute products and complementary products apply to the company you have chosen?
  •  Name five substitute products or complementary products that apply to the company you have chosen. Question 5  (Marks: 25)
    Discuss any five factors (internal or external) that you think has affected the pricing decisions of your chosen brand.
    Explain in detail how each factor has affected your chosen brand.

Question 6  (Marks: 10)
Your chosen brand is seeking to introduce a new product and/ or service to the market.

  •  Identify and explain the new product and/ or service
  •  What pricing strategy would you use?
  •  Justify your chosen pricing strategy in detail.
    You may choose any pricing strategy that you see fit.
    [TOTAL MARKS: 100]

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