Practice Theory

Choose two practice theories that you currently use (or previously have used) in your work/practice and address the following in your paper:

  1. Identify and explain the overarching paradigm/s that inform the practice theories, including how the paradigm/s influence each practice theory;
  2. Using examples from your professional/work life, critique your use of each practice theory, including examination of contextual tensions in applying theory to practice.

You may use first-person tense.

All modules are relevant for completing this task.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  1. Be able to assess contemporary organisational and socio-political contexts and examine contextual tensions in applying theory to practice.
    1. Be able to apply principles and processes of critical thinking to identify and critique underpinning paradigms and practice theories in their own professional practice experience.


No of references 36

The references should be from the well-recognized peer-reviewed sources within the period (2010-2022)

Websites are not accepted at all

Quotations while writing and referencing are not accepted at all References style: APA7

The   writer    must   clearly    following   the    APA-7th-ed.-Referencing-Summary document uploaded

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