Positive Living

Question 1

Concepts of Positive Living

Please write a minimum of 50 words per question (for a total of 250 words):

1. Based on class discussions and textbook content, explain the problems in the U.S. diet and associated negative health outcomes (diseases). [50 word minimum]

2. Based on a reliable internet source, state data and professional opinions supporting your claims regarding diet and disease. Include URL for internet source(s). [50 word minimum]

3. Explain some of these behaviors that you have observed in yourself or others. Analyze factors that contribute to these behaviors/outcomes. [50 word minimum]

4. Explain what you believe could influence individuals to make healthier nutrition choices. These can include, but are not limited to funding for nutrition programs/education, improvement of school lunch programs, media influences, and legislation. [50 word minimum]

5. In conclusion, applying the above information, personally, what nutrition behaviors would you change? Why? How would these changes affect your current and future health outcomes? [50 word minimum]

Question 2
Choose one diet (high fiber and adequate fluid for diverticulosis, gluten free for celiac disease, carbohydrate counting for diabetes, or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension for hypertension) and follow it for a 24 hour period. What was your experience? What aspect of this experience gave you empathy for a patient who is following this diet?

You are a nurse in an oncology clinic reviewing dietary management with a group of patients who have cancer and undergoing treatment. What instructions should be included in this discussion?

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