Population Mean Age

l. Assume cholesterol levels are  normally distributed. The Chief Statistician for the Center  for Disease Control  takes a random  sample of six females (ages 21-35) and obtains the following results:  189, 177, 188, 195, 183 and 179.  All work must be shown.  (10pts)

Please compute the following statistical indicators: 

Arithmetic Mean:  _

Median:   _ Mode:  _ Range:  _ Variance:  _

Standard Deviation:  _

Set up a normal distribution model plus and minus three “z” values, showing the cholesterol levels of females (ages21-35).

2. A college admission  director wishes to estimate  the population  mean  age of all students currently enrolled.  He takes a random sample of 57 students, the mean age is found to be 22.95 years.  From  past studies, the population  standard deviation is known to be 5.55 years.  Construct an eighty-five percent  confidence interval  of the population mean age.  Assume  the  standard  deviation  is  known;  use  “z” procedure).  (5 points)

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