Political Ties

Question 1

Discuss the impact this would have on our interconnected world

Discuss the impact on each of the following listed below. Your response should be at least 200 word answers for each one and provide two examples of each. Discuss possible consequences and outcome of each one within the globalized world.

  1. Conflict that cannot be settled peacefully between countries, which prompts war. How will this impact a mutual ally to both countries?
  2. A sudden bad environmental condition that causes drought and famine in an underdeveloped country. How can this crisis affect the relationship dynamics this country has with a highly-developed country with economic, social, and political ties with?
  3. A developing country produces a crop in high demand and decides to trade with other highly developed countries. How can going global impact the economy of the developing country?
Some Ideas to think about

You can think about what happens when each of these factors are considered if they were not a part of the interconnected world. If a country were not a part of an interconnected world, then they would probably deal with these issues on their own. Yet, since they are a part of the interconnected world, what are some possible consequences to one country and those who are connected in some way to them?

Question 2

Demand in your community for food shelf services has increased as a result of a decrease in federal funding to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). As an administrator of a non-profit family services organization, you are given the task of finding two potential sources to request funding from for an addition to the food shelf.

Research and share information about two potential sources from which you might request funding for your organization.

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