Political Deviance

Question 1

1) What variables are associated with public attitudes about political deviance? Is political deviance being normalized in the United States? Explain and support your work.

Directions: Your answer should be at least 700 words. Use a minimum of two peer reviewed references in the development of your answer. Put references in the body of the paragraph in parentheses–Example (Goldman, 2008)–and alphabetically in a separate reference section. Be mindful of including references and citations whenever citing facts to support your position. Use APA 6th edition citations and references. Follow all directions accurately!! 

Question 2

Create a 5-minute infomercial script showing your knowledge and expertise of cryptography to a potential buyer of your services.

Question 3

Entrepreneurship: The New Venture

Article Summarization and Analysis

Students will locate a peer reviewed scholarly journal article on the course subject matter from the library. Please summarize the article on two pages, and on the last page (full) please compare and or contrast with another similar article or source. Students will sign up to present their articles in class.

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