Policy Plan

Social Media Customer Complaint and Policy Plan


Read the following case carefully. Then, write a single space message following the TWO tasks and their instructions. Make sure to follow what you have learned throughout our class with regard to attending to the audience, the choice in language, your purpose, and what impact your message will have to remedy the situation.


  • You are the Regional Manager of the exclusive fitness center South Bay Club (SBC) with three locations here in the south Bay Area. Your locations are in Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Mountain View and many of your customers are busy professionals within prominent companies. SBC is a family organization with each center often providing activities that include both their members and their families.
  • SBC has an active social media presence on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube to keep all your members informed and involved in the events of each center and your followers on each are growing each month.
  • Unfortunately, your Los Gatos center has just received a customer complaint about the facilities and the member is sharing this on all your social media sites. (See message below)

Member Complaint posted on all your Social Media sites with pictures

My family and I have been members of the SBC for more than five years now and have loved the place. Now we find the locker rooms where we shower and change completely disgusting! Dirty towels are everywhere, counters are wet, and even some of the showers are broken. We have taken time to inform the staff that showers are broken so many times, but very little has changed. After all the money we’ve spent we deserve better! It’s time to find a new fitness club!

  • As the Regional Manager, the Local Manager, Rebecca Snow has contacted you seeking your advice on how to handle this complaint quickly. Rebecca is new to the position, but is very responsible and hard working. You know she wants your advice to make the best decision.


  1. Company Strategy – Who will address the issue? The Regional of the Local Manager and explain why?
  2. Social Media Message – Draft a message. What would you say? How would you adapt it for each platform? Explain why.
  3. Customer Response – Draft a response. What would you say? Would you send by letter, email, phone call, or face to face? Explain why.

Final Exam Writing Assignment- Your writing will be in two parts. Your entire writing for both tasks should be approximately 1-2 pages in length and address these two tasks.

Possible responses and strategies:

Personalized/ Different response to each SM

Use their name



What would you like? Customer

Personal email – discount

Reach out through personal email

Post company email to solve problem – talk with them personally


Formal and serious – Depends of which social media

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