Policy Framework

Question 1

  1. Please respond to the following prompt: “Discuss business considerations relating to security policy frameworks. When creating a security policy framework, it is important to align business objectives with the correct framework. Discuss what can happen if the framework you choose as a foundation does not fit your organization’s business objectives. Why is it important to pay attention to business objectives?

Submission Requirements

  • should be at least 200+ words.
  • Citation Style: APA format (include at least 2 APA resources)

Question 2

Within the Project document you will find a Scenario of a fictitious health services organization. A Project Visual diagram is also provided that incorporates the Scenario information.

This Project assignment is built around this Scenario 
You MUST use these Scenario risks to identify threats, vulnerabilities, controls, critical business functions, disaster recovery, and incident responses in your solution to this assignment.

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