Policy Components

Question 1

Reflection is essential for professional development and life-long learning. In past weeks, you have covered cost and quality with direct links to policy components. For this Journal Assignment, you will continue that reflection to include policy and unintended consequences.

To prepare:

  • Consider the resources, concepts, and Assignments that have been introduced and completed throughout this course.

Reflecting on Weeks 5–9, respond to the following prompts (350 to 500 words):

  • Knowledge Assessment
    • What knowledge have you gained, or what existing knowledge have you strengthened regarding population health? Explain.
  • Insights
    • Share any insights you have regarding your personal healthcare experiences and their relationship to population health.
  • Questions
    • What questions or challenges do you have regarding any concepts/topics covered up to this point?
  • Social Change
    • How does your understanding of the course topics contribute to the promotion of positive social change?

Question 2

Questions to be answered:

1. How did faith/religion impact the nature of practices that you observed or learned about today? (Point out the certain days or give an overall answer from all journal entries)

2. How did you see social work used or how do you think you could use social work? (This is a social work course so think on a social work level) 

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