Poetic Techniques

Question 1

This assignment encourages you to balance personal expression with the use of specific poetic techniques.

Reflect on either

1. observations you make on natural events or settings, or

2., reflect on an abstract conept, such as ‘love’, ‘life’, “wealth” etc.

Write a poem of 100 to 175 words that presents your reflections and descriptions of observations of ‘nature’ , or an ‘abstraction’, using the most relevant elements of poetry: choose from the following elements: structures, forms, and terminology of poetry, imagery, symbolism, and figurative language.

Write a shorter poem of 45 words or less that captures your observations of ‘nature’ or an ‘abstraction’

  • Submit both selections in one Microsoft® Word document.
  • Grammar and punctuation variations are acceptable if they serve the needs of the piece.
  • Be sure to double space each of the poems.

Question 2

Write 3 different poems.

• A poem about traveling to a magical land.

• A poem about finding a magical creature

. • A poem from a magical creature’s perspective of our land

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