Pittsburgh Pirates Dataset in SPSS

Question description

Perform a multiple linear regression on the Pittsburgh Pirates Dataset in SPSSView in a new window (you should use the dataset provided here and should not create any new variables in SPSS). Try to select the variables that you think will affect the attendance and that make sense. The goal of the regression is to get the adjusted R Square as high as possible (but be careful not to run into multicollinearity issues). Run various linear regressions and compare the adjusted R Squares with each other. Report the results for the model with the highest R Square.

Prepare a two-page report in which you report the “coefficients” table that SPSS provides in the output and the “model summary” table which includes the adjusted R Square. Report which steps you have taken to arrive at the final results. Did you run into any problems and/or challenges? Report them! If you excluded certain variables because of outliers or multicollinearity problems, please explain. Submit your report before the end of Week 10.

Hint 1: Use attendance as the dependent variable. Select your independent variables carefully.

Hint 2: If you include the days of the week and/or the months of the year as dependent variables, make sure you exclude one day of the week and one month of the year from your independent variables (if you do not do that you may run into problems with the full rank assumption; SPSS will automatically exclude any variables that will cause full rank problems, but it is better to exclude them yourself)



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