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I am applying to take a Ph.D. in materials physics in nanotechnology in one of UK or Europe universities. Your work is to find information about the field to establish a research gap. Write a research topic, state about six objectives (six research sections), and describe the methodology to be used. The report should have the following sections:

Title (or area) of the proposed research project:

Research Question:

Methodology:(should, mainly, be experimental)

Literature Review/Scientific Background:(Must be from most current materials)

The Significance of Research/Potential Impact:

Multidisciplinary Potential of Research:

The whole report should be at least 1500 words.

you need to know a little about my background I think it can help.

Previously, I have done research on mechanical and electrical properties of defected CVD graphene sheets on SiO2 substrate. I did electrical and mechanical characterization using, mainly, the multimode 8 AFM mapping techniques. Second, I did experiments on gas sensing property of graphene using Keithley 6430 Source Meter. I have partially interacted with SEM, STM, Raman spectroscopy, and FIB

However, you should not be limited to what i have done before.

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