Philosophical Writing


first paper:Weekly writing on ‘‘The Challenge of Cultural Relativism’’ what a person is from a philosophical point of view 2 to 3 pages. Writing should include examples of The Cultural Differences Argument, what are the some values shared by all the cultures, what the practices to judge different cultures right or wrong, What we can learn from cultural Relativism. 

second paper:write a paper to answer following questions:

1. Bertrand Russell argues that if the difference between right and wrong is determined by God’s will, then it no longer makes sense to say that God is good. Why does he say this? Do you think he is right?

2.   What is ‘Watch’ phenomenon? Please define William Paley’s Nature Theology?Does an object that “tends towards an end,” as Thomas Aquinas puts it, require some intelligence to direct it?

4. What do you know about ‘Rene Descartes’ and his ‘method of doubt’? 

5 Write a philosophical writing on ‘‘The Existence of God’’ 2 to 3 pages. 


Five sailors decide to spend a night on an island and see a pile of coconuts near their resting place. They decide to divide the coconuts equally among themselves the next morning. During the night, one of them wakes up and decides to take his share. He realizes that the division will not be even and hence, throws one coconut to a monkey to make the division even and takes his share and goes back to sleep.

The other four sailors do likewise, one after the other, each throwing a coconut to the monkey and taking a fifth of the remaining pile of coconuts. In the morning, the five sailors realize that they have to throw a coconut to the monkey in order for them to divide the coconuts equally among them. What is the smallest number of coconuts that must have been in the original pile?

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