Perspectives of Early America


Reading Chapter 16 Text

Text and Reader: Jerry Baydo, A Topical History of Early America: An Interactive Text(NSS Press:  1st edition

Jerry Baydo, editor, Perspectives on Early America: An Interactive Reader(NSS Press: 1st edition.

Instructions: you need to use the text Perspectives on Early America  to answer at TWO of these questions. Each answer should be 2-3 fairly long paragraphs and you need to use examples from the essays in your answer. 

1. Newman-Slave Revolts. Describe the slave revolts and attempted slave revolts during the 1600s and 1700s. Show the various revolts and leaders from the British period through the Southern plantations.

2.Gudelunas- American Politics. Describe the evolution of the two party political system in our early history and use examples from this essay in your answer for the various political parties towards the Civil War period.

3. Adams- Ensuring National Security. Describe the evolution of American foreign policy in our early history and use examples from this essay in your answer.

4 Hunt-American Revolutionary war. Write a narrative that shows the evolution of the military action in the American Revolution including military leaders and battles in the Revolution.

5.Ennis-Coming of the Civil War. How does Ennis describe the major causes of the Civil War? Use examples from the essay in your answer to show the various events and laws leading to the Civil War

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