Personnel Shortages

As part of your work as PM on the strategic analysis for the potential business operation standardization project, you will be developing a way to assess the various organizations and benchmark their performance in the areas that were highlighted as part of the current issues facing the organization.

Write a 1 page paper analyzing how you will structure and conduct the organizational assessments so that you can benchmark the performance between sites in at least two of the areas where there are issues currently impacting the organization (see list below). Provide examples of what the goals of the organizational assessment analysis would be and what benchmarking process you will recommend implementing. Provide examples to support your findings.

Issues impacting the organization:

  • Financial challenges – Not all sites are performing as well as expected
  • Patient safety and quality – Sites have different operating procedures
  • Healthcare reform implementation – Sites are in different phases of this process depending on when they started and available resources
  • Governmental mandates – Sites are interpreting mandates differently and responding based on their interpretations
  • Care for the uninsured – Several sites are struggling financially providing care for large populations of uninsured patients
  • Patient satisfaction – There is no standard way to measure and track patient satisfaction across all sites
  • Physician-hospital relations – Sites vary in the effectiveness of these relationships
  • Technology – Sites run different technology systems which are not integrated and some sites are much more technologically advanced than others
  • Population health management – Each site is conducting this differently and there is no way to easily evaluate data across the system.
  • Personnel shortages – There is no easy way to share resources between sites to address personnel shortages and make sure there are adequate numbers of cross trained employees.
  • Creating an accountable care organization – Sites vary in their willingness and bandwidth to  make this transition

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