Personal Input

2- 3 page journal/reflection papers will be due.

These papers should include a summary of any CT articleof your choice. You should incorporate ideas and critical thinking components from the classroom setting and how it relates to your experience and current theories. Copy of the article must be attached to the journal.

READ THIS PLEASE !!! before you start writing please tell me which article you will write journal about it . to check it

The teacher told me to write any Journal in CT ( computed tomography ) scan 2 or 3 pages including *my opinion* and reference at least, and he wants the original article that you read it and write the journal from it.

You can read any articles or materials covered in CT scan but must be recently article like 2014-2016-2017-2018, not 90s.’

just for 2 or 3 pages including one reference at least and the actual article I need it to print it and give it to my teacher.

Please post your completed document to me (in MS Word) before midnight on 01/29/19.

– Be double-spaced.

– Follow APA (6th edition).

– Needed more personal input.

– Good grammar.

NOTE: This assignment is NOT a group project. Cheating or plagiarism will result in a grade of ZERO.

IMPORTANT: Answer the questions as fully as possible – “yes”-only and “no”-only answers are unacceptable and will be marked as incorrect.

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