Personal Conversations with Jesus

The Gospel of John is the most intimate account of the life of Jesus among the four Gospels (90% of this Gospel is unique content). John includes personal conversations that Jesus has with various individuals or groups of people. The purpose of this assignment is to examine many of these conversations to get a glimpse of who Jesus is and what the person (or people) He was talking to did as a result of the conversations held with Jesus. Points—100. Due in week 3.
1. Choose any 10 chapters from John.
2. Answer the following questions about all of the conversations Jesus has with others in each chapter (e.g., if a chapter has 3 different conversations in it, answer the questions for all 3 conversations from that chapter). Include the questions and then the answers. Also include the reference information for each conversation(Ex.—John 3:1-6)
1. Who is Jesus talking to?
2. What is the subject of the conversation?
3. Does this conversation reveal something about the person (humanity/deity) of Jesus? If so, what?
4. What is the result of the conversation? (belief, rejection/unbelief, uncertainty, clarity, other result)
5. What is one practical truth that you can learn from this conversation?
3. Submit the work according to the example below:

John 1
First conversation (John 1:15-20)
Q #3
Q #4
Q #5
Second conversation (if none then go the next chapter)

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