Personal Blogging


 Week 5 Forum: “Blogs” or web logs provide an easy way for people to post opinions on any subject – including work-related issues or individuals. Some businesses have established their own blogs, often written by the CEO. Some companies have fired or disciplined employees for what they say on their blogs. The best way to handle these concerns is to make clear what the boundaries and expectations of personal blogging might be. An employee blogging policy that spells out the boundaries and then a signed non-disclosure privacy agreement is the best approach. Wikis, group editable web pages, can be useful for creating agendas and revising documents and schedules. However, Wikis, like blogs, can cause difficulties in that some people may have inside knowledge not meant for publication, or others may plagiarize sources unwittingly.

1. Do you think all companies should establish their own blogs? Why or why not?
2. Do you think employees should be fired for what they say on their blogs? Explain.
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Wikis? 


1. In an ad for women, the following statement was made: “For every hundred women, 91 have taken the road less traveled”. Comment on the statistic.

2. Explain why this question might lead to erroneous conclusion. “Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?”

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