Personal Biases Influencing Interpretation

Overview: For this milestone, due in Module Five, you will submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you first consider your own and others’ biases as you review various perspectives on the sport industry-related issue you have chosen to examine for your final project. You will then briefly outline a solutions approach for addressing the issue you have analyzed and then propose a possible framework for driving change with regard to your issue.

Prompt: In the debates you participated in in Modules Two and Four, as well as in your Module Two journal task, you have been exploring your own perspective and reflecting on any biases you may have. This has prepared you to consider the cultural or social expectations that may have influenced this bias and whether or not the bias has been influenced by any sort of political or social movement or even a specific regulation.

Review the various perspectives related to your chosen issue from sport industry professionals or sociologists, and identify any biases that exist surrounding this topic. Further, consider a possible solution to the issue. How might you best drive change with regard to the issue? What would the framework look like? In your final project, you will address leadership styles that you feel best help you reach this solution.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Balanced Review:

  • What are some of your own personal biases that may be influencing your interpretation of the issue?
  • Explain other viewpoints on the issue in a balanced, logical manner. What other arguments are being made about the issue?
  • Select one of the other viewpoints on the issue and analyze it for potential biases. How did you recognize these biases?

Solutions Approach:

  • Based on your analysis, what recommendations might you propose to address the issue?
  • Defend your recommendations using examples from other relevant solutions applied in the sport industry or other related field.

Proposed Conceptual Framework for Driving Change:

  • How might you integrate your proposed recommendations into a conceptual plan for driving change regarding your chosen issue? (In other words, how do you see yourself driving change regarding this issue, and how will your analysis of the issue and your recommendations help you?)
  • What management and leadership theories might you apply in your future career to assist you in driving change in a particular area of your chosen issue?

Be sure to apply any instructor feedback you receive on this submission to your final project, the personal plan of action.

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