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Peer one

My advice for Makayla would be for her to let go of sequence a little. It’s OK to want everything in order but sometimes you have to sit back and relax and let things come naturally. She needs to rethink and look at things from a different point of view.

My advice for John would to take a step back and start proof reading what he is writing. i would tell him not everything needs to be explain and great detail and that sometimes it’s ok to get right to the point. I would tell John that his Precision is causing some people confusion on what to do and that he needs to clarify more.

my advice for Paul would be to put what he wants to show into writing. He would rather show his work then tell it, I would tell him that sometimes you can show and tell your work. I would tell Paul instead of skimming through content and trying to figure out whats important and whats not important he’s missing the bigger picture. He needs to see all the words as a whole instead of as individually.

My advice for Raheem would first be to adjust his attitude a little bit. The I don’t care attitude never gets you far in life. I would tell him that it is sometimes it’s ok to open up about a subject instead of keeping everything short and simple. When things are too short they don’t necessary get to the point your trying to make and people may misinterpret what your really trying to say.

My LCI scores are precision30   Sequence24    Confluence21     Technical28

Two strategies to enhance my critical reading skills would be to allow myself more time to read through the material twice. I usually read material once and with doing this I have notice that I don’t seem to get all the information out of it. I would also enhance my skills by rereading difficult passages and saying out loud what I think they mean. I have a bad habit of if I read something and don’t understand it instead of rereading it to try and make sense of it I skip over it.

My two strategies for critical writing would be think about my audience. Thinking about my audience gives me an idea of who will be reading my work and what they will be reading about. It lets me know what words to use and what words not to use. I would enhance my skill by reading the work of other artist. That way I can get a sense of how the works suppose to be done and what all the audience is looking for in my work.

Peer two


Reading her story, I could relate to parts of her.  I almost got anxiety for her when reading her story.  My advice to her would be that there are so many others out there that can relate to how she is feeling when doing her work.  I would advise her to do some deep breathing and just allow things to soak in and tell her not to get frustrated so quickly when looking for something.  I would let her know that it’s ok to do things out of order.  Maybe to her she feels like it’s wrong to do questions and work out of order; someone simply telling her its ok might help her.


Now this little story kind of made me chuckle.  The scary part was I totally understood what he was saying.  I would let John know that not everyone speaks in acronyms and that it’s hard to decipher a message when things are written that way.  I would also inform him that there are times where we only need the most important information to get the direct point across.


This story sounds like something similar I just went through with my teenage son this week.  My advice to Paul is to let him know that writing and details are important throughout your whole life.  The little details involved in writing may not seem important when doing a class.  However, they end up being of great importance in the “real” world.  I think relating how these things are utilized in a workforce may help Paul realize how important it is.


I would explain to Raheem that it appears as if he doesn’t care when I’m certain that he does.  I would inform him of the importance of research and how attention to detail plays an important role in our lives even outside of school.  I would also let him know that not many people love to research things, but when they apply themselves and do it there is a sense of accomplishment.


Sequence: 27  Precision: 24  Technical Reasoning: 14  Confluence: 21

Two items I can do to improve critical reading:

  1.  I could be sure I have enough time to read things.  Since I have so many things I am doing every single night, time can be a struggle for me.
  2. Making sure I recognize how things are organized could be a great help for me.  Sometimes I just skim over things and forget to pay attention to headings and subheadings

Two items I can do to improve critical writing:

  1. I could build a visual road map for my paper.  I have tried this before and had good success with it, so if I can just remember that I think it will help ease the anxiety of beginning a paper.
  2. Make sure that when I give a fact or opinion I give details to support it.

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