Patient Portal Usage


ASSIGNMENT: Educate Consumers on Patient Portal Usage

CAHIIM Competency: Subdomain III.F. Consumer Informatics. 

Educate consumers on patient-centered health information technologies

Instructions: After reading the material for the week, create an educational flyer for patients at a 10-physician outpatient clinic. The information should explain the clinic’s patient portal. Be sure to cover what it is, how to register for it, and the features of the portal. List the benefits of using the portal. The goal is to convince consumers of the value of using the portal and increase usage.

For some research, you might want to search for resources on a real patient portal vendor. If your health service provides this service, you can also use them as a research example to create your flyer.

The flyer can be composed using MS Word or PowerPoint.


From past studies it is known that 60 percent of the students at RMIT read the Age newspaper. There was a recent article in the Age on the rise in living costs in Melbourne. If the class size is 20,

(a) What is the probability that none of the students read the article?

(b) What is the probability that fewer than 5 students read the article?

(c) What is the probability that at least 75 percent of the students read the article?

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