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1.please explain in one sentence the connection between “the Partition” and London’s Brick Lane Community.
Also (in one very short sentence): Now that you know who Tagore was, why do you think it was so important for Chanu that his daughters knew his poetry?

Brick Lane in London: Harry

The partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh Priscilla

Rabindranath Tagore (Bengali poet) Kayla

2.Please provide SHORT answers to the following questions (no more than a couple of sentences for each answer,
since being concise and not “wordy” is a useful skill that needs to be practiced).

1. Parasite” is considered a “dark comedy.” The term “comedy” implies humor. Can you think of two scenes where humor is found?

2. What does Mr. Park say about Ki-taek that drives Ki-taek to stab him?

3. Is the ending of the film realistic? Explain your answer.

4. In your opinion, who is the “PARASITE” in the film, and why would you say that?

5. What happens to the ROCK at the end of the film?

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