Ovulatory Phase

Question 1

A woman is interested in starting Depo-Provera injections for contraception. What would be the most likely side effect that she should be educated about?

Question 1 options:

Irregular bleeding


Breast tenderness


Question 2

Lenore, fifty-five years old, comes in for evaluation of a breast mass. Which of the following assessment findings is/are associated with carcinoma of the breast? Select all that apply.

Question 2 options:

Scaly lesions similar to eczema on one areola and nipple

Peau d’orange dimpling of skin over one breast

Unilateral retraction and deviation of nipple

Discrete, smooth, and mobile lesion

Question 3

There are several phases to the menstrual cycle. What phase begins with ovulation and ends with menstruation?

Question 3 options:

Ovulatory phase

Follicular phase

Proliferative phase

Luteal phase

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