Organizational Theory Questions

QUESTIONS I (A System’s Approach to Management)

In organization theory, (a) what is the system’s approach to management?  (b) Explain the relations between boundary interactions and feedback operations in the system’s Approach. (20%)

QUESTIONS II (Organization and Environment)

Uncertain changes of the environment could be opportunities or threats to the organization.  (a) Explain the meanings of stability and the complexity of environmental changes, and how to evaluate their uncertainty with examples.  (b) How can corporations adjust to the changing environment in general?  Explain each measure with a specific example.  (20%)

QUESTIONS III (Organization and Goals and Values)

There are three phases of strategic management.  (a) Write a strategic plan for any chosen corporation with evaluation of the current status.  (b) Write programs, budget, and procedures for strategic implementation for the same corporation. (20%)

QUESTIONS IV (Organization and Structure)

(a) If you want to open a small business, how do you design its structure and why?  (b) Explain differences and similarities between Matrix Structure and Virtual Network Grouping.  (20%)

QUESTIONS V (Organization and Behavior + Human Resources) 

Individuals are different from each other, particularly in personality and values.  (a) How do you make their differences fit to the workplace? (b) Individuals try to build their ability to be sold with higher prices at the job market, while employers to buy well-qualified human resources to the jobs.  In this regard, their goal is the same but looking for the other side of coin.  Evaluate its significance.  (20%)

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