Organizational Culture

Question 1

Watch the movie: Enron- The Smartest Guys in the Room. Write a 2 page paper to answer the questions below.

1) Describe how Leadership behaviors and accepted organizational practices at Enron typify one of the Organizational cultures we studied?

2) What was the role of Leadership in the Enron debacle? How did the charisma of the Enron leaders work toward its eventual downfall?

Question 2

Please make sure to Define concepts, apply to ‘current day’ workplace situation, and use specific examples to explain.

a. Identify three benefits of using self-managed teams. Provide two examples.

b. Indicate two recommendations to improve self-managed team effectiveness. Use specific examples.

c. Outline two challenges of implementing effective self-managed teams.

d. Identify two reasons why Leaders and team members resist change.

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