Oral presentation

Question description

Write a 6-8 page essay on some topic related to the movie Exit through the Gift Shop.

Your essay must include a Works Cited page, which is not included in the page count of the essay.

You must have at least three scholarly sources.

You may not use Youtube, dictionaries, or any type of encyclopedia as part of your initial five sources. (You may use them in addition to five approved sources).

Part 1)

Start by announcing your specific topic for the final essay. You should also identify what questions you are pursuing in your research and why you think this article will be helpful to your final essay.

Then, give the correct, accurate bibliographic data according to MLA guidelines.

Finally, write an abstract for the article that is about 100-150 words.

Be prepared to take 2-3 minutes of questions in addition to your 2 minute presentation.

This is the essay for the final but you only need to due the part 1 for right now and i will ask for another part need to work on later.

The file down here is example of oral presentation



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