Opening Statement

Question 1

Find a news item (newspaper, magazine, Internet site related to

use CNN or NYT.

You have to write 4 different subjects each subject no more than one page .it does not have to be full page ,

1-Affirmative Action

2-Limits on the public’s influence

3-Political movements

4- Parties and vote

paper discussing the following information:

  • Main idea
  • The people involved [i.e., name, office, party – if known]
  • How it relates to the current or previous class readings
  • Your opinion and why you believe this way

Include the source of your article with the main idea.

Question 2

You are the social policy director for a presidential candidate who will be taking part in a nationally televised debate about education policy. Your job is to write an opening statement that describes the candidate’s approach to solving a major issue in education: the rising cost of college.

You should write your statement as a three- to four-paragraph essay. Remember, you have conducted research about education policy and the rising costs of higher education. Your opening statement should engage the audience, summarize your ndings, and provide a clear policy approach.

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