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A state has just changed one of its toll roads from human collection of tolls to machine collection. The idea behind the change was to allow traffic to flow more smoothly through the toll plaza. With human attendants, the mean number of cars passing through the toll plaza was 1253 per hour. A random sample of 100 days under the new machine system of toll collections show a mean of 1261 cars passing per hour with a standard deviation of 59. Based on the following statistics, have the machines improved the flow of traffic through the toll plaza?


E-Loan, and online lending service, recently offered 48-month auto loans at 5.7% compounded monthly to applicants with good credit ratings. If you have good credit and can afford monthly payments of $308.00, HOW MUCH CAN YOU BORROW FROM E-LOAN? AND WHAT IS THE TOTAL INTEREST YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS LOAN?


“Health Care Data and Information”

  • How can health care administrations improve data and information quality while at the same time decreasing data and information errors? Provide at least one (1) example to support your response.  
  • What is interoperability, and why do health care providers and organizations still face critical issues and challenges related to interoperability despite the adoption and use of EHR? Support your response with at least one (1) example.

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