Old Testament Survey

PHI 1113 Old Testament Survey

Instructions for Research Paper on

a book from the Writings

Each student is expected to write a research paper on an Old Testament book from the Writings section of the Old Testament. Each paper should be 3 to 4 pages in length, double-spaced, normal font style/size, and 1 inch margins all around. No title page is necessary. The paper is due by the end of the day on December 4, 2016 or it will be considered late. Late papers will not be accepted for credit.

You should have at the end of your paper a “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” section. This section should include the list of sources you used in preparing your paper. You need to use at least 4 sources for this paper. Only one of the sources can be your textbook. Only one of the sources can be a website. One of the four sources must be the Bible.

The book must come from the Writings section which is being covered in Unit 7. A list of books from the Writings section can be found in your textbook on page 9. If you have any questions about whether or not your book is acceptable, please ask me asap.

In your paper you should address the following areas thoroughly.

1. Issues of authorship, date, & purpose of the book you have chosen to write about.

2. Name and briefly discuss the major themes of the book.

3. Choose a set of verses and exegete them. First, choose a verse or verses that are significant or interesting to you. Second, use a commentary to research and study what these verses mean and their historical, social, and biblical context. Third, thoroughly discuss what you have learned about these verses in your research and study.

* Note: Do not choose a section of verses that would be too long to fully discuss and interpret. At the same time, do not choose a single verse that would not be significant enough to discuss and interpret. Choose wisely. The best policy would be to investigate a Bible commentary or dictionary to see what verse or verses would be most appropriate and interesting for you to discuss and interpret.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of the above, please ask for help

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