Nutrition Planning

In your planning you will need to consider:
The population you are working with
Convenience and variety of meals
Use of nutrient ‘timing’
Balancing daily energy intake with energy expenditure
To complete your assignment you will need to:
Provide a written justification of your choices for estimating resting metabolic rate (pRMR), the use of dietary tracking and issues associated with under-eating in athletic populations with reference to the female athlete triad or RED-S. In this section you will need to provide:
A comparison of techniques and their associated limitations with the prediction of RMR
A critical evaluation of errors associated with tracking dietary intake
Discussion on issues associated with long-term health consequences of low energy availability in athletes
(1000 – 1200 words)
Complete a one-day dietary plan using the template provided (to be made available on EdLinked)
Provide a justification for the dietary plan with reference to macro-nutrient content, nutrient timing and the choices taken in using nutrient and energy dense foods
(300 – 500 words)
You will need to support your justifications with reference to the course readings and other additional literature, ensuring all material is fully referenced using APA format

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