Nursing Informatics

The purpose of this discussion is for you to analyze the process of searching for scholarly, evidence-based information in the online environment. For the subject matter, you may select any nursing or health-related topic that is of interest to you.  Conduct an online search of your topic and keep notes of how you narrowed your search to obtain a manage credible information. Address each of the following areas in your initial post.

  1. Identify a clinical topic that is of interest to you (you may choose any subject).
  2. Review the steps of your online search (keep notes as you proceed).
  • With what system did you begin your search?
  • What initial search term(s) was used?
  • How many results did it produce?
  • What resources did the initial search direct you to?
  • Reflect on how you refined your search strategy until you obtained satisfactory results.
  • How did you refine your search terms and sites?
  • Did the term need to be shortened or expanded?
  • What new terms were discovered in this process?
  • How was the college library used in this process?
  • How did you evaluate your results?
  • When were you satisfied with the results?
  • Present three scholarly resources that relate to your clinical topic, and provide the citation for each in proper APA format.

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