Nonlinear Functions

1) (a) What similarities and differences do you see between the functions and linear equations studied in Ch. 3?

(b) Are all linear equations functions? Is there an instance when a linear equation is not a function? Support your answer.

(c) Create an equation of a nonlinear function and provide two inputs for your classmates to evaluate.

(d) Find examples that support or refute your classmates’ answers to the discussion question. Provide additional similarities and differences between functions and linear equations.

Challenge your classmates by providing more intricate examples of nonlinear functions for them to solve.

2) (a) What is the difference between domain and range? Describe a real life situation that could be modeled by a function.

(b) Provide feedback about your classmates’ answers. (Describe the values for x that may not be appropriate values even when they are defined by your classmates’ function. A function could, for example, indicate the amount of bone strength (y) in a living human body over time in years (x). It would not make sense to look at negative years, because the person would not yet be born. Likewise, looking beyond 100 years might not make sense, because many people do not live to be 100

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