Non-verbal Communication


  • 1.Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation, the author states that the study of nonverbal communication requires a broader view of the behavior that is both interactive and multi-layered. The author suggests that continual self-awareness can be achieved by learning the five “pieces” described on pages 19-20. Pick two and explain how you can integrate these prescriptions into your behavior. Go beyond surface observations and offer specific practices that you can do to exercise these behaviors.
  • 2. In your assigned reading, Emotion and the Art of Negotiation, the author asserts the preparation is the key to success in negotiations. Get your mind right. You also need to prepare your emotional strategy. Borrowing from the author’s table on page 8, comment on what you will expect to feel in each stage: the buildup, the main event, and the finale. Your feelings are distinct; dig deep and offer observations beyond the author’s summary.
  • 3. What are the challenges faced by any company when competing globally?
  • 4. Discuss factors that firms need to consider while developing and implementing a global strategy?
  • 5. When and how should the strategy be tailored to particular locations?
  • 6. Can multinationals wield competitive advantage by aggressively hiring talented members of the excluded social group in each market?
  • 7. How a firm’s unique activities directly relate to establishing competitive advantage.
  • 8. How would you analyze a firm’s value proposition?

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