Network Management Activities

Question 1

IDEAPintar is a renowned IT consultancy firm in Malaysia. Recently, a local bank has approach IDEAPintar to assist them in planning a detailed network management functions (fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security). As a network consultant in IDEAPintar, you are given this task. Prepare a detail proposal on all the network management activities for this local bank under the five management functions.

Question 2

Go online and search for at least THREE (3) companies that are considered great places to work. Describe the compensation, benefits and perks at each of these companies.

Of the three, which is most appealing to you and why?

Question 3

Need to write the report by using the research papers by providing the recommendation to Walmart-Nanaimo on how to make better CSR activities by improving

1. Social/Environment key performance indicator and

2. Monitoring energy use relative to revenue.

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