Network Diagram

Computer Networks of today are critical in all organisations of any size. Networks are one of the essential component for sharing the organizational resources using different devices. A typical computer network would include multiple devices, such as servers, routers, switches, access points, clients, firewalls to name a few.
The objectives of this assignment is to investigate network design processes and come up with an IP addressing plan for a contemporary IT based organisation.
In this assignment you are required to:
1. Select an organisation of your choice where you have either worked, you know about it, or an organisation with sufficient details available online
2. Find organizational requirement for a computer network (s) and highlight the type of services the organization requires.
3. Draw a logical and a physical network diagram of a typical organisation that has 200 users (Please get the organisation approved from your lecturer). You can use any drawing tool of your choice to draw the network diagram. Ideal would be to use OPNET or cisco packet tracer.
4. While modelling the network of the organisation consider that the entire network is connected to the Internet and all network services are available 24/7. Assume every user has a desktop computer and a number of them have a second computer (a laptop). You may choose the appropriate number of servers and other necessary devices. You also need to create a number of subnets that you deem necessary.
5. Justify your network design and the choice of the devices.
6. Design IP addressing for this subnetted network using a class C net ID while, conserving IP addresses.
7. Describe in detail why you have chosen the services and servers on this network. What alternatives are there if you decide not to use any of the servers?

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