National Security

Question 1

Answer these questions please:

  1. Trace the development of the notion of privacy.
  2. What is the constitutional basis of the right to privacy?
  3. Describe government surveillance. Is surveillance necessary to ensure national security?
  4. Does private data collection pose a threat to privacy?

Question 2

Write a 2 page double spaced paper in apa format about depression and add at least two citations to support where your information come from be creative and relate the topic to interest in professional social work. please use both of the following topics in the paper

  1. A description and analysis of how the philosophy, purpose, location, major funding, use of technology, and executive board affect the delivery of services related to the social problem addressed. (depression)
  2. Community profile of where the social issue or social problem occurs. (depression)

Question 3

Answer these 3 questions in brief and in clear way.

1 -Please compare and contrast the major types of random sampling and non-random sampling. Why is random sampling the preferred method of getting a sample?

2-Explain the benefits and drawbacks to cross-sectional and longitudinal designs.

3-Explain why we need to operationalize (i.e., create operational definitions) for seemingly abstract concepts in the social sciences. Pick a social science variable (e.g., aggression, love, happiness) and operationalize it for a hypothetical study.

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