National Controversy


  • Search your local newspaper (Indianapolis Indiana) or any of the heath care websites. 
  • Find a local or national controversy related to healthcare. 
  • Topics or areas of focus might include economics (healthcare costs and coverage), politics (current developments in healthcare reform), or social issues (breakouts of disease, healthcare access, or health disparities). In your initial post;
    1. Describe the controversy in detail.
    2. Provide a reference or link to an article that discusses it.
    3. Summarize one opinion about this controversy.
    4. Summarize another opinion that OPPOSES the first one you described.


In your course text Cultural Diversity you have explored many different written interviews that provide insight into the demographics, worldview, and treatment issues that face different groups. For part of your Immersion Project, you will select an individual from your chosen population group with which to have an information-gathering dialogue.

This week, you should complete Part III of your Immersion Project.

Part III:

Personal Dialogue: You will need to gather information about the lived experience of a person from your selected population/group. You will gather this information through a dialogue with someone from your selected population. This is called a dialogue (not an interview) because it is not simply a one-sided gathering of information. The dialogue should be a two-sided conversation that results in the exchange of information about cultural experience. This dialogue can happen over time or in a one-time sitting.

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