National Banking

Question 1

“Digital Signatures and Public Key Encryption”

  • Suggest two (2) types of organizations that would benefit from using digital signatures. Determine two (2) types of organizations that should not use digital signatures. Provide a rationale for each one of your responses.
  • Imagine that you are the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a national banking organization, and it is your responsibility to decide whether or not the organization should be using public-key encryption instead of any other type of encryption. Recommend the type of encryption that the organization should use. Provide a rationale for your response.

Question 2

Describe the complex email system located on slide “Example of a Complex Hybrid System.” Describe in detail the benefits of this system using examples as appropriate.

This paper should be formatted following proper APA formatting guidelines to include the coversheet, headers, page numbers, headings, citations, and references. Please ensure that all references are properly cited.

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