Nanotechnology in Water Purification

Nanotechnology and innovations in the field of sustainable water technologies (total marks: 20%)

Through reading and collecting information, please write a ~ 2000 words report reflecting your thoughts and opinions on the following points. Figures and tables can be used, and not included in word counting. Each of the following point must be addressed separately. Please note, discussing all points in a mixed-up approach can affect the assessment mark.

  1. What are the major up to date developments and applications of nanotechnology with regard to water and wastewater treatment and purification? (10 marks)

(Course Learning Outcomes 1-6)

  • What are the benefits and obstacles of applying nanotechnology in water and wastewater treatment and purification? (8 marks)

(Course Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 5, 6)

  • Describe the link of nanotechnology with your own research perspective/project. (2 marks). (If the new students have not selected a project, can write a research project that you are interested)

(Course Learning Outcomes 4)


  • Your report should cite your reference source.
    • Information shown in the table needs to be accompanied with discussion in text.
    • Assignment 1 is due at end of day Thursday 29th September 2021. (Late submission will cause up to 30% reduction of the marks).
    • This assignment will make up 20% of the course assessment.

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