Mortgage Payment


After an apartment building’s operating expenses and mortgage payment have been paid, the amount of money left over from the rents collected that month is called the:



c.appreciation flow


All of the following statements about industrial parks are correct, except:

a.Industrial parks are also called business

.They typically have single-story shell buildings with high ceilings

c.They may be developed as condominiums

d.They usually allow only manufacturing uses, so that business offices and warehouses must be located elsewhere

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All of the following investor-owners would be likely to hire a professional property manager, except:

a.Mary Ann, a surgeon who owns a residential duplex and rents both units to tenants

b.Paul, a commercial fisherman who owns 20 acres of undeveloped land that he’s holding for appreciation

c.the Cartwright Group, a partnership that recently purchased and renovated an 80-unit apartment building constructed in the 1920s

d.Ernesto, a retiree who owns a small office building and lives in another state


An R/U ratio is often used to determine:

a.the maximum number of people that can legally occupy a residential unit

b.the optimum number of smaller stores for a shopping center with a particular type of anchor store much a commercial tenant will have to pay toward the building’s common area expenses many parking spaces a retail building will need in order to accommodate customers and employees

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