Military Industrial Complex

Part One

Read Ch. 8 Social Stratification; and write a brief definition with an action packed example for each of the following terms and concepts:

  • a)Stratification
  • b)Closed stratification system
  • c)Open stratification system
  • d)Wealth
  • e)Prestige
  • f)Power
  • g)Income

Part Two

Read the sociological abstracted selection from C. Wright Mills book The Power Elite. You can access this abstract by typing the following into the Google search engine: ( Pdf The Power Elite Homepages)

After you read this brief abstract answer the following questions:

  1. What is C. Wright Mills definition of the power elite?
  2. Select a couple of points in the article that you agree or disagree with—and explain why.
  3. Do you think there is a power elite in the United States or Globally? Explain your position.

Part Three (Use the internet to explore the origins and meaning of the following quote)

Who came up with the quoted phrase: military industrial complex, in what context was this phrase used? Can you see any examples of a “military industrial complex” existing in the United States today?

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