Menu Design

Question 1

Directions: Create a professionally-styled menu to include at least:

  1. Six Entrees
  2. Six Appetizers, Soups and/or Appetizer Salads
  3. Five Side Dishes – vegetables, starches etc. Do not include rolls or bread.
  4. Four Desserts
  5. Four Beverages

Menus will be evaluated according to their appropriateness to the type of restaurant of your choosing:

  • Fast-casual, family-dining, fusion, ethnic, fine dining etc.
  • Menu should be created as if it is going to be handed to a customer.
  • The menu should include prices that are appropriate to the style of the restaurant.
  • Listings of menu items should include descriptions where necessary
  • Your menu will be graded on completeness, adherence to the basic principles of menu design, accuracy, terminology, neatness, spelling, legibility, originality and professionalism.
  • Follow all the principles of menu design discussed in class and from handouts. It is recommended that you use a word processing program and/or presentations program (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint) to design the text and artwork for your menu.

Question 2

Write a 10 pages Powerpoint, about the Chinese food in US. Such as Chinese food cultures in US, Chinese restaurant, Chinese food such as sushi, and your personal analysis.



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