Medication Error


1. Reflect on any innovative ideas you being  a new graduate nurse; have to improve patient outcomes on your unit. · 

2. Reflect on when you had a patient who rapidly or maybe not so rapidly changed conditions. What did you do /what did you learn from the situation? ·

3. Reflect on any situation you had with a medication error, maybe near miss, or an adverse drug reaction. What did you do/ and what did you learn? 

Do them separately at least a page each (All personal experience) Just Basic English.


Do you believe that a juvenile should be tried as an adult for a capital crime? Explain your reasoning. (1 Page)


3-4 paragraphs ONLY 

How would you design a staffing model to work effectively with the organizational needs and with sufficient metrics to know that you are finding the right candidates? What is the relationship between the approach to staffing used in the organization and measurement?

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