Medical Emergency Calls


The number of medical emergency calls per hour has a Poisson distribution with parameter λ. A record of emergency calls is available for a sufficient amount of time and parameter λ is assumed to be the same throughout the available recording of calls. Numbers of emergency calls at different hours are considered independent.

If λ = 1, what is the probability of more than 20 emergency calls occur in 10 consecutive hours of a single medical response team shift? If average service last 54 minutes, what is the probability that all calls received in 10 consecutive hours can be served?


(1) There are two variables called x and y. Both are measured in inches. There is a perfect correlation. What would happen if we measured x in feet and continued to measure y in inches. Would the correlation change and if so how?

(2) Two variables have a correlation of 0.985. If we add an outlier to the data and then calculate the correlation again…

a. Could the outlier cause the correlation to significantly change? Explain.

b. Would the outlier necessarily cause the correlation to change or could the correlation change very little or not at all? Explain.

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