Medical Efforts

Question 1

The writer needs to read the above named article (Link to the text will be provided) and answer the questions below.

One: According to the book, why was Hiroshima such an ideal target for American bombing?

Section Two:

a. Discuss the experiences of one of the central characters in this book.

b. Explain what you think the author’s purpose was in telling so many individual anecdotes about life before the bomb.

Section Three: List and describe some of the side effects from radiation sickness. 

Section Four: Explain why the medical and rescue efforts had so little impact on the survivors’ behalf, immediately following the blast.

The professor’s requirement will be provided for better approach to the question once a writer is chosen.

Question 2

Using the 2 songs by Bobby Hutcherson: “Oblique”(1967) and “Black Heroes”(1969) write a personal reaction to the artist. Consider: mood, sound, and your own feelings about the music.

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