Medicaid Services

Question 1

Research in depth one federal, state, local or accreditation requirement/standard related to your practicum project (e.g., state board of nursing, CCNE, ACEN, a state health department, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or The Joint Commission).

Identify why you would need to evaluate this requirement into your project.

Address/explore the following topics in regard to this regulation/standard:

  • A complete description of the regulation
  • Why there is a need for this regulation
  • How to communicate and implement this regulation
  • The basis for determining regulatory compliance

Create an APA-formatted reference page listing five scholarly resources relating to the primary regulatory requirement/standard for your specific project.

Question 2

1. Which conditions is required for an ecosystem to remain self sustaining?

A)Related balance between the ecosystems managed and unmanaged areas

B)The offspring of a cross of two Different homozygous lines is called a




2. Which statement defines Ld50 ?

A)The amount of legally allowable Drift 50 meters from the site of application.

B)The amount of time it takes a standard dose of a pesticide to kill 50% of the population

C) The amount of a pesticide which kills half of a group of test organism



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