Material Possessions

Question 1

Only 75-150 Words Needed!!

Anomie Theory states that, in the US, the desire for material possessions outweighs social values. This means that if someone wants something, they will commit crimes to get it if they cannot afford it. For example, a drug addict who cannot afford drugs will resort to stealing or prostitution in order to get money for the drugs. Do you agree with this theory? Why or why not? Provide one other example where Anomie Theory can be seen.

Question 2

Research a proposed or recently passed law in your state named in honor of a crime victim. Be sure to highlight the background on how this legisaltion came to be. Analyze whether this current legislation offers specific redress or assistance for victims (outside of increased penalties for offenders). After your analysis of the current policy, offer suggestions for how this policy could be rewritten to address the harm experienced by these crime victims.

Your paper should be a minimum of five pages and must include references.

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