Marketing Mix Decisions

Question 1

Within the simulation, the marketing mix was standardized for the global market. The simulation did not facilitate an elaboration of how the marketing mix may or may not have been differentiated between different companies and/or regions. The marketing mix concept is complex when you consider it is one of the foundations of marketing and the promotion of your product to a specific market and geography. The geography could be global or could be much smaller depending on the target market i.e. micro-marketing (as learned in class) often targets a single consumer type in a narrow geography.

You are to select one of the following Fortune 500 2018 listed companies and 1) provide a brief product description and 2) design a marketing mix (the 4 Ps) that describes the company’s principal product as it pertains to the headquarters’ country only. Consider the macro-environmental factors relevant to the organization and its headquarters country and describe how these elements of the external environment have influenced your marketing mix decisions.

Question 2

Part one: (1500 words)

Reflect on your own experience as a leader. Identify in relation to relevant leadership models/theory, what approaches to leadership you typically adopt in your daily work.

Critically appraise your style of leadership. What professional development/training goals do you wish to establish in order to grow as a successful leader?

Part two: (1500 words)

Critically evaluate the degree to which leadership behaviours within your own organisation, or another with which you are familiar, reflect a genuine commitment to ethical leadership.

What recommendation do you have to improve ethical leadership behaviours in your chosen organization?

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