Market Penetration

Suggested Financial Targets:

Achieve $100M in sales

Operating Margin of 10%

Current COGS for products sold by potential partner companies:

Freewire (15kw) = $21K/unit

Portable Electric (5kw) = $16K/unit

External Analysis:

  • Describe with some detail the Generator industry.
  • What is the overall market size of the industry?
  • For this industry, identify the primary competitive forces using the 5 forces model
    • Who are the main competitors and what are their relative advantages?
    • What are the likely disruptions in the market, including potential new entrants, technology disruptions and changes in customer behavior?
  • Who are the customers and what are their key buying factors? Who are the decision makers?
  • What are customers currently buying and how do they buy it (financing, rental, etc.)?
  • What is the size and growth potential of the market segment that would be created for the new product?

Internal Analysis:

  • What is SBD’s competitive advantage/disadvantage? Distribution channels, brand, technology, other resources?
  • With reference to the value chain, identify the key activities and interrelationships that SBD needs to exploit to develop the new product.
  • What portion of existing player’s customer base might switch to SBD? In what time frame?
  • Identify the barriers to imitation that SBD can exploit and leverage


  1. Going to the Market:
  • Suggest the best route to the market for SBD?
  • How do SBD’s capabilities match those needed to penetrate the market? Can any missing skills be acquired or developed organically?

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